JobSite.codes Latest Updates 10/18/23

We’ve been listening to your feedback!

Thank you for your support as we continue to build the ultimate file sharing platform for your construction business. We’re extremely grateful for your compliments and your suggestions. We’ve implemented several of your ideas in our latest updates and will continue to improve the software in the future. Thank you for being a valued JobSite.codes user.

We’ve been selected to exhibit in the IBS Startup Zone!

What’s New With JobSite.codes

v 1.2.10 updated 10/18/2023

  • Admins can now select which QR codes to print (see image 1 below), rather than having to print the entire list of QR codes. From QR print page, you can select specific areas/codes to print in one batch.
  • QR Codes can now be printed from the site dashboard (new) & the main admin dashboard. You no longer need to leave the site page to print a QR code.
  • Notes below a file can now be marked as “High Priority” (see image 2 below) which changes the color of the note, informing the viewer of high importance.
  • Improved menu naming structure – made language and naming consistent across the platform.
  • Users can now upload Excel files (see image 3 below), however the viewers must have an excel viewing app downloaded on their device. We still recommend exporting Excel files to a .pdf for better view-ability on phones, but users who have requested excel view-ability now have that option.
  • We’ve created a FREE 14-day trial for new users who wish to try the software before purchasing. Please, tell your fellow building community about JobSite.codes.
  • We’ve launched our JobSite.codes Affiliate Team. If you would like to be an affiliate and be paid when referrals sign up, please email [email protected]. We need your help to grow our platform.

1. Custom QR Code Selection

2. High Priority Notes

3. Excel Files Now Viewable

In case you missed it:

updated 8/13/2023

  • You can now sort your areas and files however you’d like. We’ve added a-z or z-a filters, as well as a click and drag tool for custom sorting.
  • You can now search for specific sites on the Admin Dashboard.
  • Our online chat provides quick access to our team, as well as an online help center with more information being added all the time.
  • 1, 4, 12 QR codes per page print options. Now you can print as many QR codes as you’d like.
  • Archive Buttons are now active on the main page. You can archive your past projects, keeping them hidden in your admin page, or you can permanently delete sites, as needed.
  • We’ve added image/video galleries to each of the rooms. In addition to sharing files, you can now upload and share photos and videos. These work great for your 4-way inspection and give teams immediate access to images.
  • We’ve added the Design Skin (included in Pro Accounts). The Design Skin is great for builders or designers who want to share completed projects with home show guests or as a way for designers to continue giving access to their hard work and designs. You can share professional images or videos and can provide affiliate links for products seen in the home. You can even link prospective clients to your website.
  • Custom logo & color theme in the Design Skin. Users can white label their JobSite.codes screens with their own logo and branding.
  • Remember, the Pro Plan includes all features from Build and Design, and will include ALL future updates.