Pro Plan Users: Did you know about this?

What’s The Toggle When Creating A New Site?!

If you’re a Pro Plan User, chances are you’ve seen the toggle inside of the new project window. It’s the button that creates an entirely separate project, but… What does it do? Well, follow along and we’ll show you how you can leverage JobSite.codes even AFTER the homes are built.

The “Design Showcase”! There’s an entirely separate bonus feature, included with all Pro Plan accounts.

JobSite.codes was constructed to be the easiest way for builders and designers to share the most up-to-date revisions of specifications, elevations, design selections, paint colors, trim details, and more, with trades on the job. It’s a simple tool that allows users to scan the QR codes, and are given immediate access to every file, every room, and current revisions.

So, what does the Design Showcase have anything to do with that?

Scan with your phone, or click the QR code to see an example of the Design Showcase.

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What Was It Created To Do?

Normal “Build” Project.

Designed for Trades Through Construction: The “Build” sites function exactly as our software was designed to work, providing a quick and easy way to share spec and design files with everyone on the job site throughout the build. Imagine this as the traditional 3-ring binder, often missing or damaged on the job site, now digitalized for seamless access. With the “Build” sites, your important documents are always at your fingertips, ensuring they never go missing or get damaged.

“Design Showcase” Project

Designed for Potential Clients as a Portfolio Showcase. The Design Showcase is your ultimate marketing tool, crafted to impress potential clients. It allows you to store and display all the intricate details, photos, and videos of your completed projects. Additionally, you can include website links to specific paint colors, appliances, fixtures, and more. This enables future clients to explore every detail of your projects and experience the home virtually, without needing to visit the site in person.

What Can I Share?

Normal “Build” Project.

SHARE PDF’s: In the “Build” sites, you can upload PDFs of elevations, design specs, mood boards, finish details, paint colors, appliance instructions, cabinet drawings, and virtually any other document needed to build a home. Simply upload the most updated versions here, and everyone on the job site can access them anytime, ensuring that all crucial information is always available and up-to-date.

SHARE PHOTO’s: Whether you use our photo function and take photos of every room in the house at the 4-way phase (framing, electrical, mechanical, plumbing), or you use a 3d scan service like Matterport. These photos are easily referenced throughout construction and are a major benefit.

SHARE VIDEOS: Same as the photos, videos allow you to explain certain items to trades within JobSite.codes.

SHARE EXCEL: You can even share .csv files with your trades within JobSite.codes.

“Design Showcase” Project

SHARE FAQ VIDEO: Create quick videos that explain or answer FAQ’s within a project, or videos that highlight certain features. Imagine a potential client scans the QR code and is shows a video about features within the room that help them understand the process better.

SHARE PHOTO’s: This is where things get really exciting. In this virtual experience, potential clients can scan the QR code for the room they’re in. Now, within that room, they see tile that’s exactly what they want. Not only can they take the photos home with them, they can have access to every details within the home. This takes us to the next point.

SHARE LINKS TO PRODUCTS: Now you can link those who scanned the QR code to the exact products seen in the images. If you’re a designer, or a design-build company you can link these details directly to your website. So, even if they aren’t ready to build quite yet, they can still purchase items based on the photos seen here. If you’re an affiliate for other products, you can link those within the Design Showcase as well.

SHARE LINKS TO TRADES: Are your trade partners rocking it? You can even link your trades who’s work is seen in the photos as well. Ex: You can include pictures of the amazing garage door. Beneath the garage photos, you can link these potential clients to the garage door subcontractor.

Where Can Each Site Be Used?

Normal “Build” Project.

Bidding: Clients change their minds often, especially through the bidding phase. Well, if you provide a JobSite.codes link to you trades, they’ll always have access to the most current revision. They’ll also be alerted if a new file has replaced an existing file.

SWPPP: Leave your SWPPP documents accessible via QR code for the city inspector. Now they have the current files, even if the paper documents went missing or got damaged.

4-Way to Finish: And of course, JobSite.codes shines brightly throughout the entire project when sharing files is a must.

“Design Showcase” Project

Welcome Neighbors: Create a page specifically for the neighbors. You can create a main video that explains your processes for parking, noise, cleanup, or whatever else your business does with regards to neighbors. Below the video, you can add links to your remodel portfolio, new construction portfolio, or anything else that might be relevant. Use your professionalism on the job site as a giant marketing billboard.

Virtual Showcase / Tour: Create a Design Showcase project for every home you complete. Now, clients can walk into your showroom and have photos of every home you’ve finished, but it also includes fixtures, hardware, paint colors, and virtually anything else you decide to share. Best of all, they can take these links home and browse every detail that gives ideas for their future build.

Parade of Homes: Give you home show guests the top notch experience. Taylor the videos to answering their questions and upselling your experience to land them as a client.

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