Pro Users Can Now Link To Other Software Or Sites

How It Works:

Add links to your 3d scans, safety docs, and other sites to your existing JobSite.codes project.

Pro users can now add individual links to their projects within JobSite.codes, turning it into a universal hub for sharing files, photos, videos, 3D scans, and other web links with their trades on the job. This unified access point ensures trade partners know exactly where to find necessary information, thereby eliminating unnecessary calls that often arise from questions about plan accuracy. By using JobSite.codes to share all relevant materials, trade partners can rely on this system to work seamlessly, reducing costly mistakes.

1. Add Custom Link to Project

2. Print Individual or group

We’ve been listening to your feedback!

Thank you for your support as we continue to build the ultimate file sharing platform for your construction business. We’re extremely grateful for your compliments and your suggestions. We’ve implemented several of your ideas in our latest updates and will continue to improve the software in the future. Thank you for being a valued JobSite.codes user.