Announcing: Guest Access!

New Features, Straight From Our Users Requests!

Guess”t” what, builders! With JobSite.codes, managing multiple designers or project managers just got easier with Guess Access. You decide who gets to add files and which sites they can work on. Plus, you can include them in as many or few sites as you want. It’s all ready to roll in our BUILD and PRO plans. Let’s simplify your work life!

v 1.6.0 updated 04/23/2024

Add Users Within the Project

Add Guests from each “Site”

What Guests See

  • Guest can View All files
  • Guests can Upload their own files
  • Guests can delete/modify their own files.
  • Guests cannot delete or modify someone else’s files
  • Guest can access ONLY sites they have been added as a collaborator.

What Admins See

  • Admins can see ALL projects and files
  • Admins can upload, edit, delete ALL files (even guests)
  • Admins can see which guests have access to each project
  • Admins can delete or modify guest users access

We’ve also added a place for your companies logo on the QR poster.*

*Custom Branding is included in the Pro Plan, and give you the ability to control what users see when they scan from their device AND NOW the ability to add your logo to the header of the QR code poster. This was a highly sought after feature and we’re pleased to announce this new addition to our Pro Users.