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A Custom Solution for Homebuilders

JobSite.codes™ emerged as an innovative solution to streamline the complex and time-intensive process of sharing up-to-date files and specifications with trade partners in the dynamic world of homebuilding. Changes and updates, often marked by redlines, are a constant in this industry, making it challenging to keep everyone informed. Before JobSite.codes™, the task of managing specifications and job-related documents was daunting and required significant effort, driving prints of the revised files to the job. Our platform simplifies this process, eliminating the need for printing and physically delivering revised files to job sites. By enhancing communication with partners, JobSite.codes™ makes it unnecessary to send mass emails or texts for every change order. Our goal is to simplify your file sharing, saving you time and reducing unnecessary steps in your workflow.

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Our Team

Steven Shafer

Co-Founder / CEO / Partner

Shalom Pennington

Co-Founder / CTO / Partner

Stephanie Dailey

Co-Founder, Product Ambassador, General Contractor & Custom Home Builder, Influencer, Trades Ambassador

JobSite.codes™ is committed to providing a straightforward solution for builders, designers, and trade workers to access the most current files on the job site. Our software ensures that the latest version of essential documents is always at their fingertips. JobSite.codes software manages the latest revisions of construction files, sharing them seamlessly via QR codes, or by sharing a web link to the project via text, email, or scan. This method guarantees that trade workers on the job site always have access to the most updated information, eliminating the risk of working from outdated plans or specifications.

The driving force behind JobSite.codes™ are our two dynamic partners, Steven Shafer (CEO) and Shalom Pennington (CTO). Steven brings his vast experience in managing teams and building businesses, coupled with a passion for marketing & Design and a strong background in product & business development. Shalom, with his expertise in SaaS and a background in educational software, is the technical brain behind our platform, ensuring its efficacy and innovation. Together, their broad levels of expertise have allowed us to truly understand the needs from our customers and to provide just that. Born from the real-world needs of the home building industry, JobSite.codes™ was created to fill a gap identified through our work with various clients. Our software is not just a tool; it’s a solution crafted by and for professionals in the construction sector – primarily general contractors/custom home builders, interior designers, and trade workers.

As active members of local and state Home Builders associations, we pride ourselves on community involvement. Our notable partnership with the Utah Valley Home Builders Association supports the High School Involvement Committee with the Alpine School District, fostering early trade experiences for high school students. A testament to our innovation and impact, JobSite.codes™ has been selected to exhibit at the 2024 Startup Zone at the International Builders Show.

At the heart of JobSite.codes™ is the ambition to continuously refine our software, making it not only intuitive and user-friendly but also a powerhouse in job site communication and file sharing. We’re dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of information flow in construction projects.

More Than Software

With more than 30 years combined experience, founders Shalom and Steve bring the ultimate perspectives to Jobsite.Codes to ensure the software is always solving problems and making an impact to overall productivity – saving you money.

Growth Mindset

Our growth is 100% dependent on your success as a user of our services. We’re committed to continuing to provide our trade partners with game-changing tools.

Dedicated Service

Have you ever heard of the do-say philosophy? We’re keen on our promises. We say what we’re going to do, and we do it. Period.

Simple and Easy

We’re not about adding features to raise the price. If the software can stay simple, we’ll keep it that way. If new features could potentially cost you time and lower efficiency, we won’t do them.

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